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My Bastrop house wasn't touched by flames, yet it reeks of smoke weeks after the fire. What can I do to get rid of the smell? It's likely that your house has some smoke damage. While airing it out and bringing in a fire restoration cleaning crew can help, you make want to have a public adjuster evaluate the damage. If smoke has infiltrated your home's insulation or ductwork, repairs could be extremely expensive and require filing an insurance claim.

Is it worth filing an insurance claim for a little smoke damage?

Define "a little." Residential smoke damage claims often involve much more than homeowners realize at first. For example, you may think that cleaning the carpets and drapes is enough. But what happens when the smoke odor returns a few days later? What about the thousands of dollars worth of clothing you'll need to replace because cleaning did nothing to remove the odors? What happens when you find out that you need to replace all of the exterior wall insulation in order to remove the smell of smoke? If you have a little smoke damage, you may have a lot of smoke damage.

Is it really necessary to rip out all of the drywall because of smoke damage?

Insulation and ductwork must often be replaced in severely smoke damaged buildings. If the insulation or ductwork is hidden beneath drywall, then yes, it's most likely necessary to remove the drywall in order to remove and replace the damaged materials within. Some insulation and ductwork may be exposed (such as in attics, basements, and garages). In these cases, access is easy and there's no drywall to remove.

Will my insurance company agree with your estimates?

We thoroughly support all estimates with documentation and use the same industry standards as insurance companies to estimate losses. If there's any disagreement, we work with your insurance company representative to share our point of view.