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How to Minimize Future Smoke Damage

Whether you live in Bastrop or any other Texas community vulnerable to wildfires and smoke damage, future wildfires are likely to send smoke into your community once again. If time permits and you are not in any danger, a few preventative measures may minimize the smoke damage.

  • Use plastic and duct tape or wet towels to seal obvious entry points such as leaky doors and windows and attic and crawl space vents
  • Close the chimney flue
  • Close all air conditioning and heating vents and registers to prevent smoke from entering your ductwork
  • Turn off your air conditioning and heating system
  • Inspect your home's siding for gaps and seal with caulk or temporary plastic sheeting
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed before evacuating, again if time permits and you aren't in danger

If you return home to find that some smoke has infiltrated your defenses, do not use your central air conditioning and heating system to blow out the smoke. This could have the opposite effect and cause your ductwork to become contaminated with smoke particles and a hard-to-remove odor. In fact, you'll want to keep your ductwork sealed as much as possible. If it's no longer smoky outside, open the windows and doors and use fans and cross-ventilation to air out the home. Call a public insurance adjuster and schedule a smoke damage claim review as well.