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Bastrop Smoke Damage

Massive Texas wildfires have left a trail of destruction in their wake. With thousands of homes burned, the damage is heartbreaking. While you may have been relieved to see your Bastrop home still standing, the strong odor of smoke tells you that it didn't survive unscathed. Like those who suffered fire losses, if your home has extensive Bastrop smoke damage, you may be in for a lengthy insurance claim process.

Wildfire Smoke – How it Gets Inside

Smoke from Bastrop wildfires entered sealed homes through various passageways including:

How to Tell if Your Bastrop Building is Severely Smoke Damaged

Smoke damage may or may not be obvious to the untrained eye. If you see visible soot and the odor is intense, you can be reasonably confident that your home or office is indeed suffering from smoke damage. But what if you can't see soot? What if the odor is faint? While the absence of heavy soot and ash may be reassuring, it's not a guarantee that your building is free of smoke damage. Even the faint smell of smoke could be an ominous sign as smoke can penetrate exterior wall insulation, carpets, and attic insulation. When this happens, the odor may linger for years!

In addition, smoke can damage air ducts, becoming a difficult problem to eradicate. While the smoke itself is long gone, its microscopic remnants and odor can continue circulating through the ductwork. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem often involves replacing ductwork which typically requires the demotion of drywall and ceilings.

Because extensive smoke damage isn't always readily apparent, we recommend that any buildings downwind of the Bastrop, Texas fires be professionally inspected for smoke damage. It's better to find out before settling with your insurance company.

Help for Bastrop Smoke Damage Victims

If you're a Bastrop property owner with a smoke damage claim, a public adjuster can help you document and prove your claim. Most important of all, a Bastrop smoke damage adjuster that fully discovers the extent of the damage can help you obtain a much larger insurance settlement as a result. Contact us today for a free smoke damage consultation.